The Eldridge Family

Shannon and Dan Eldridge love dogs. Their beloved rescues, Bubba and Gideon, were recognized as part of their wedding party when they were married in 2013. It is of little-to-no-surprise that their love for each other and their plight for dogs in need of loving homes would manifest into the nonprofit rescue organization, Big Paws of the Ozarks. Shannon Eldridge has been a lifelong advocate for neglected dogs and animal rescue organizations. For over 15 years, Shannon has fostered and saved numerous dogs in need of shelter, medical attention, and love. A dream of Shannon's for years, Big Paws of the Ozarks became a reality in 2016. Shannon serves as Big Paws of the Ozarks President and works diligently with animal shelters and rescue organizations, both local and neighboring states.

Hi, my name is Bubba! I was found with all my brothers and sisters under a barn in Sarcoxie, Missouri. My fur mom was malnourished and had been living on her own for a really long time. Then she had all of us and we were all alone together. Mom didn’t have any food so it was hard for her to feed us and we had hardly any shelter. Some days were really miserable. Mom did the best she could, but my brothers and sisters and I were in pretty bad shape and unhealthy when someone finally found us. They say that I was the biggest out of all my brothers and sisters, but I was also the most scared. I don’t know if I believe them, but that is what they say! With lots of patience, time, and love we all got healthy and every single one of us was adopted! Shannon and Dan, the founders of Big Paws of the Ozarks, are my parents now. Mom says I was her first true rescue that she adopted. Boy, am I lucky or what, I got more attention and love every day than I knew what to do with. And, as you can tell, I never skipped a meal either!


It was my time to cross Rainbow Bridge and boy did I run over that bridge. You see, my brother Gideon was on the other side. We hadn't got to play together in a really long time and I missed him so much. We are living the life now, meadows and hills; plenty of food, water, sunshine, and no pain. It makes us really happy to look down on mom and dad. Mom helps save all sorts of other doggies. That makes us very happy, she is the best! Oh yeah, and she even used my big furry paw as the logo for Big Paws of the Ozarks. So I am kinda famous now.


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