Dan and Shannon Eldridge

Shannon and Dan Eldridge love dogs. Their beloved rescues, Bubba and Gideon, were recognized as part of their wedding party when they were married in 2013. It is of little-to-no-surprise that their love for each other and their plight for dogs in need of loving homes would manifest into the nonprofit rescue organization, Big Paws of the Ozarks. Shannon Eldridge has been a lifelong advocate for neglected dogs and animal rescue organizations. For over 15 years, Shannon has fostered and saved numerous dogs in need of shelter, medical attention, and love. A dream of Shannon's for years, Big Paws of the Ozarks became a reality in 2016. Shannon serves as Big Paws of the Ozarks President and works diligently with animal shelters and rescue organizations, both local and neighboring states


Since our start in 2016, our little rescue for big dogs has continued to grow. From our founding up until 2020 we have helped rescue, rehome, and rehabilitate 300 big dogs in our area and had the pleasure of working with over 70 different foster homes. It is our joy and honor to help these dogs find their forever families. All 300 dogs and their families are forever a part of our Big Paws pack- and that right there makes our hearts smile. 



We had a big dream of building a barn for our dogs to use when we bring them into our rescue. After years of planning and fundraising, our barn was constructed and finished in 2020. We now have the capability of housing 8 dogs in our barn with ample area to play and socialize, and grooming stations to take care of all of their needs. This barn serves as a temporary shelter for dogs who for a variety of reasons haven't been placed into one of our foster homes yet.