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3 Big Mental Health Benefits of Owning A Dog

If your dog makes you happy and you know it, give your dog a treat! Something about those happy tails create the ultimate serotonin boost. So much so that mental health professionals study the benefits of dogs on mental health. A recent study found that ER patients who interacted with a therapy dog benefitted from reduced anxiety, depression, and even pain while improved overall well-being.

Three big mental health benefits of owning a dog:

1. Dogs establish routine in our lives.

Many people find that routines add comfort to their day by knowing what the day holds. Caring for a dog adds a routine and purpose to your life. Wake up, feed the dog, walk the dog, drink coffee—it’s like rewatching your favorite comfort show with someone who’s excited to eat the same thing with you every day.

2. A dog is a companion for life.

Haven’t ya heard? People are buying houses for their dogs. Dogs truly are a person’s best friend. There’s no feeling like coming home after a long day or short walk to the mailbox and seeing your dog’s smiling face. Your dog will listen to your problems without judgment, find joy in the little things, and keep your secrets safe.

3. Dogs help people be more social and active.

Whether it’s exploring a new trail, loading up for a pup cup, or sitting outside for some Vitamin D, dogs have a knack for helping humans out of their comfort zone. It’s like dogs know that their humans will do just about anything to make them smile—including small talk with other dog owners.

The list could go on forever. To sum it up, dogs make you happy and science knows it. If you feel ready for dog ownership, read our blog on how to pick the best dog for your lifestyle then view our adoptable dogs in Northwest Arkansas. If you’re not so sure, that’s ok too. Becoming a dog foster is great way to test out having a dog without the long-term commitment part. Finally, you can get that serotonin boost by funding new beginnings for rescue dogs in NWA, following us on social media and attending our dog adoption events.

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