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Christmas Puppies: 5 Considerations

It's Christmas morning and your children excitedly rush down the stairs to find the cutest, fluffiest little puppy on planet earth sleeping under the Christmas tree. Nothing could be sweeter, right?? But before you jump into a puppy for Christmas, please consider the following!

1. A dog is a 10-15 year commitment.

Yes, puppies are adorable. Kids + puppies?? Even cuter. But consider a pet as a lifetime commitment and make sure your family is in a place financially and time wise to make this promise to a puppy. Puppies grow up to be dogs with needs such as: vet care, food and supplies, energy requirements, and the need for love and attention. Make sure you are honest with yourself, and your family, about the time commitment a dog requires and that you are up to the task!

2. Puppies require attention, training, structure, and time.

The holiday season can be busy and chaotic. Lots of family, traveling, interrupted routines and schedules. Consider what your holiday season may look like and what the addition of a puppy may mean. Puppies require attention and lots of time and patience (which if we're being honest, can be hard to come by around the holidays with screaming children and never ending messes to clean). Make sure your family is ready for the time commitment a puppy takes, especially if you bring a puppy home this holiday season.

3. Consider your family's lifestyle when puppy shopping

That giant white puffball puppy at the animal shelter?? ADORABLE!! But don't do your research and you end up with a 120+ pound Great Pyrenees that may not fit your family's lifestyle. Make sure when you're picking out a puppy you consider their activity level, grooming needs, and training requirements. All breeds are not for all families- so please do your part and research ahead of time

4. Adopt, don't shop!

Shelters and rescues are full. If you are considering a puppy, please prioritize giving an abandoned puppy a home this holiday season. These puppies are usually well cared for, fully vetted, and the most grateful little guys on the planet. If you have a particular breed in mind that is difficult to find, please do your part and research reputable breeders.

5. Make picking the puppy a family activity

If you're still locked and loaded to bring a puppy home this holiday season, consider making it a family activity. Wrap a dog collar under the tree and use the gift opening as a chance to discuss the importance of finding the right dog for your family. Then spend some time together visiting rescues and shelters to find the right fit for your family! We have several puppies available for adoption that are looking for their homes this holiday season.

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