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​Terms and Conditions
  • I/We agree to provide a safe, loving, indoor home environment to the foster pet(s) in my care. Furthermore, when outside, puppies and dogs must be supervised in an enclosed yard or on a leash

  • I/We agree to provide food, clean water, bowls, toys, blankets, and other supplies for my foster pet. I/We will notify BPOZ if we are unable to provide basic supplies or food.

  • I/We agree to provide socialization and basic house training to our foster pets. I/We agree to give monthly flea/tick and heartworm prevention and that we will notify BPOZ when medication is needed. I/We agree to keep records of medication administration to my foster pet.

  • I/We agree to provide insight to the foster pet's behavior/personality to help relay accurate information to potential adopters.

  • I/We authorized through submission of my application any veterinarian named to release any information and records concerning my past or present care of animals to Big Paws of the Ozarks. I agree to hold harmless and indemnify said veterinarian for providing such information.

  • I/We understand that Big Paws of the Ozarks and its authorized agents and volunteers assume no liability for damages or injuries caused by the pet(s) while in my custody and that BPOZ and its authorized agents and volunteers cannot guarantee the temperament or other personal characteristics of pet(s)

  • I/We certify that the foster application information is correct to the best of my knowledge and that my application, whether electronic or hand written, is legally binding. I/We also agree to follow all the rules, regulations and policies of BPOZ. I/We certify that no person residing in the household has ever been convicted of animal cruelty, neglect or abandonment.

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