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Our Story

Since our start in 2016, our little rescue for big dogs has continued to grow. From our founding up until 2021, we have helped rescue, rehome, and rehabilitate over 400 dogs in our area and had the pleasure of working with over 70 different foster homes. It is our joy and honor to help these dogs find their forever families. Every dog that comes through our rescue is forever a part of our pack and we are so proud to be a part of their story. 

In 2022, we made a huge step forward for our rescue and moved into a brick and mortar facility in the middle of Fayetteville where we have 4 large dog runs, a grooming station, and ample space to host meet and greets for the dogs in our rescue.


Now, in 2023 we are making another huge step in offering high quality dog training services to our Northwest Arkansas community. We announced the hiring of our new director of training, Matt Newton, and the expansion of our training packages available to the public. We want to help create a community in which all dogs and their owners have access to dog training and the required help to ensure dog's are in loving, experienced homes. We know that well trained dogs (and well trainer owners) have more positive outcomes and strengthen our animal welfare community as a whole. Rehabilitation has always been an important part of our mission, and we are thrilled to be able to see this dream of ours come true. 

Our Pack


Dan + Shannon Eldridge


Dan + Shannon were the vision and founders behind our rescue. They have dedicated the past 5 years to improving the lives of big dogs in our Northwest Arkansas community. 


Kayla Mayes

Executive Director

Kayla started with Big Paws as a foster and quickly discovered her passion for animal rescue. With a background as a clinical social worker, Kayla brings a wealth of non-profit knowledge to our rescue as well as a passion for big floof balls.

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Matt Newton

Director of Training

Matt has a passion for helping dogs and their owners. He brings a wealth of knowledge and passion from his 8 years of experience as a professional dog trainer.  He loves helping people strengthen their relationship with their dogs and learn how to enjoy life to the fullest as a team!


Becky Hudson

Foster + Adoption Coordinator

Becky started with Big Paws as a foster, and has adopted 3 Big Paws dog of her own (bringing her pack total to 4!). She works full-time at NWACC and lends her passion and skill set to helping run our entire foster and adoption program!

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