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Life-Saving Programs + Partnerships

At Big Paws, we believe in the power of teamwork. We work closely with numerous local shelters and rescues, sharing resources and expertise to strengthen our collective impact.

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Partnerships for Impact

Big Paws stands out as one of the few rescues actively partnering with most municipal shelters across our area. By collaborating closely, we intake dogs and alleviate overcrowding, ensuring more animals find loving homes.

Training Access for All!

We're committed to the well-being of all dogs in our community. That's why we offer free behavioral assessments and training support to area shelters and rescues. We believe that access to knowledgeable trainers is essential for positive outcomes for homeless dogs.


Community-Centric Events

Join us at our monthly events, held in collaboration with small local businesses, to unite our animal-loving community. These gatherings support adoptions and local businesses while spreading awareness about animal welfare.

Education + Support

We're committed to equipping our community with the knowledge and resources needed to care for their dogs. Through community education initiatives, we empower individuals to provide the best possible care for their furry companions.

Partnered Shelters

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Fayetteville Animal Shelter


Springdale Animal Shelter


Lowell Animal Shelter


Humane Society for Animals


Washington County Animal Shelter

Centerton Animal Shelter

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