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Puppy Obedience



What It Is:

There's nothing cuter than a puppy. And while they are cute enough to get away with anything, the puppy age is prime time to start your dog off on the right paw. This program is for the puppy owner who wants to give their puppy an amazing foundation of obedience for years to come!


We encourage puppies to begin training after they've received at least 1 round of their puppy shots (around 8 weeks). Puppies over the age of 5 months are not eligible for the puppy package but would be a good fit for our basic obedience package. 

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Commands Covered:

Did you just bring a new puppy home or are you having struggling with all the “typical” puppy behaviors?  This package is perfect for new and experienced owners.  


From potty training to off leash freedom this package can cover it all!  Through engagement, confidence building games and fun, family friendly activities we will make sure your puppy learns everything needed to build a solid foundation for obedience. 

There is always more you can do with your pup so this package is perfect for those people and pups that never want to stop learning!  With this program, your pup can expect to accomplish the following commands:

  • Sit and Extended Sit
    • Dog remains in a sit position until released with a command word

  • Down and Extended Down
    • Dog remains in a down position until released with a command word​

  • Loose Leash and Off-Leash Walking
  • Come on Command
    • A recall where your dog will come back on command in a variety of settings: outside, off-leash, with distractions​

  • Place and Extended Place
    •  Jump up and sit on any object you point to on command and stay there until released

  • Optional​
    • Crate Training

    • Socialization

    • Bell Training (rings a bell on the door to go outside)

    • Potty training

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Is This Right For You?

This package is appropriate for any and all puppies. We generally consider puppies under 5 months of age to be a great fit for this package. We encourage the whole family to participate in these lessons so that everyone can be involved in the training process! 

This 4 lesson package costs $375. 

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