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Abandoned Puppies Update

We've had our litter of abandoned for four weeks now, and what a transformation! Dog rescue can be tough work but this litter of six was one of the worst we have ever seen. These babies came in with a terrible case of sarcoptic mange and were dying of starvation (sadly, we weren't able to save two of them in time). It was a really rough start, with all six requiring quarantine, skin treatments, and digestive help as they suffered from re-feeding syndrome. Basically, this means they were so starved their bodies weren't able to properly digest food once they began eating again. Now, they are out of quarantine and loving life in their foster homes! These puppies are sweet, smart, cuddly, and the perfect example of how resilient dogs truly are. Thank you to everyone who donated to their care. All six are still available for adoption and you can find details on each under our Adoptable Dogs page of our website.

Before and After photos of Carrie. Only a 4 week difference!

Before and After photos of Clarise

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