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Big Paws of the Ozarks 2022 Wrap Up

Wow oh wow! First, we are eternally grateful for our donors and followers who support us day in and day out. We appreciate you so much! Letty and Laura gained a lot of attention this year and rightfully so. But we wanted to share more of our favorite dog rescue glow ups and our 2022 "big" updates!


At 16 years old, Sid's life was somehow nothing to brag about. He was never allowed inside. So one hot and fateful, Sid was seen collapsing on the road. Springdale Animal Services was called out and they were able to revive him. They also called Big Paws, and we convinced the owner to surrender him.

18 days. 18 glorious days. That's how many days Sid spent in his fospice home. We always wish for more time with our dogs, but we know that time was the best of his life. Sid was spoiled by a loving home and family, air conditioning, cushioned bed, blankets, toys, and a senior brofur named Koa. When it was him time, Kindness in Motion came to the house. Sid peacefully passed the rainbow bridge in his first true home surrounded by his loved ones.


Big Paws was called out after someone found an abandoned puppy. Tilly's memory is a little fuzzy how she got there, but we prefer it that way. And as it turned out, she was an extra special puppy. Tilly is blind and deaf due to irresponsible breeding of double merles. Luckily, Tilly didn't have to wait long for her fate to change.

Tilly is a happy, healthy, rambunctious dog who now enjoys the finer things in life like a treat puzzle. She has a little human and fur siblings to keep her company, too. We're so proud of the loving and smart dog she's becoming!


At 250 days, Kale was one of our longest residents. But we knew the perfect family was out there somewhere. We could see it! But first, Kale needed to work on his leash manners, impulse control, and a few other dog behavior issues. It’s not his fault that he never received the proper dog training to be his best self. Kale spent a lot of time with our dog trainers working on his good boy manners.

After 8 long months, Kale's furever family came into the picture! His new mom is a travel nurse who was looking for the perfect travel buddy. He's now part of a dynamic, traveling, adventurous duo. He even ran his first 5K!


This senior boxer was found as a stray with a 4 pound tumor hanging from her side. With the help of Centerton Animal Shelter, our team, a dedicated fospice home, and the amazing team at St. Francis Animal Hospital, we were able to save Della and drastically improve her quality of life. A total of 14 masses were removed along with providing heartworm treatment, spay procedure, and vaccinations.