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Meet Shannon!

Shannon has always been passionate about working with dogs, at a young age she would walk and bathe dogs for family members and school teachers. 

In 2010, she embarked on the journey of raising a puppy named Stout. Despite the challenge of his eventual aggressiveness, she cared for him and gained a wealth of knowledge and insights into the root causes of behavioral issues in dogs along the way.

Shannon lived in Montana for 3 years, shadowing dog trainers and learning skills to help people improve their relationship with their dogs. Relocating to NW Arkansas, she taught private dog training lessons as well as board and trains. After 3 yrs of training, she came across Big Paws. Loving their work and passion for dogs, Shannon became a trainer for Big Paws of the Ozarks in 2022. She has trained countless dogs as well fostered some who all found loving homes!

Shannon has 2 dogs (Mallie and Kamehameha) of her own who were unwanted, returned, or abandoned.   

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