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Puppy Board and Train 


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What It Is:

Is it challenging to establish good habits and attentive behavior in your puppy? Looking for a way to set your new best friend up for success? Our puppy board and train package is the solution for you!

This program is perfect for any puppy younger than 18 weeks at the time off drop off and covers all the basics including: potty training, loose leash walking, kennel training, and appropriate play with the kids!  No more struggling with your dog chewing the baseboards or peeing throughout the house!  This package is perfect for those busy household who need some help getting through the frustrating puppy stages and gives you an easy way to communicate post training!


This is one of our most popular package so it's required that we manually sign you up to check availability. Book a free consult or email to get started!


Commands Covered:

It is important to have a solid foundation of obedience in order to set your puppy up for lifelong success! Our board and train will cover:

  • Potty Training
    • ​We get your pups on a schedule so that they can learn how to effectively communicate when they need to use the restroom and stop unwanted accidents throughout the day!

  • Appropriate Play

    • No more walking through your house dragging your puppy on your robe, we make sure your pup has FUN chewing and biting on the appropriate toys and outlets rather than your hands and pants!

  • Loose Leash Walking 

    • Your pup will be working on learning how to never pull and focus on you regardless of the distractions!

  • Politely Waiting for Meals

    • Waiting politely at doors and gates (wait when they are opened and until you release them)

  • Break

    • Our release word to let your puppy know when it's time to play!

  • Place
    • Your puppy will learn to go to their dog bed and stay there until released.  Perfect for mealtimes, door manner, and much more!

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Is This Right For You?

Sending your puppy to camp to learn key skills is valuable for any puppy and we would love to add your dog to the list of successful graduates!  Don't worry about not having enough time, let us build a perfect foundation for your family to grow from after training!  


The package costs $1400 (1 week) & $2600 (2 week) and includes

  • 1 or 2 weeks of boarding and training

  • 1, 2 hour lesson on day 7 or 14

  • UNLIMITED refresher lessons to ensure your family can get as much training as needed to feel 100% comfortable with everything taught

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