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Meet Christian!

Christian has been surrounded by dogs his entire life. Almost all of which have been rescues of one form or another. In 2018 he got his daughter a dog. The plan was to train the dog, get through the puppy stage and send it off to be her best friend while she moved out into the world on her own. That dog’s name was Sophie and she was the dog that changed his world! Christian had trained dogs all his life, but Sophie was different. She struggled in some areas and issues that he had never seen before, but he had so much fun training Sophie every day and working through her through those issues that he knew that training dogs and helping them live better lives was what he was meant to do.

The search began to find the place to put his passion into practice. There were lots of places that trained dogs, but none of them seemed to be quite the right fit. He met the other Big Paws of the Ozarks trainers in late 2019 and something told him that this was the place he had been looking for. They shared not only his love for dogs, but also the belief that training was the answer to help all the dogs in shelters live a better life.

Then the world turned upside down with the pandemic. Christian stayed on with his current company to help weather the storm, but took every chance he could get to keep in touch and learn as much as possible. In 2021 he was tired of waiting for the “perfect” timing. Christian put in his notice at his former job and dedicated all of his time to doing what it took to get certified and begin the best job ever!

He joined Big Paws of the Ozarks officially at the beginning of 2022 and loves it more and more each day.

You can see the dogs Christian trains and his own two personal dogs on Instagram at @the_ozarks_unleashed and @two_twin_aussholes

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