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Meet Marshall!

Marshall is extremely passionate about helping dogs and their families live their best lives seeing eye to eye and understanding each other. 

Marshall formerly worked in the trade industry, but always held a strong love for dogs. Often taking in strays, getting them healthy, and finding homes for them on his own. This eventually lead him to volunteer with his local dog shelter, Almost Home Shelter in Van Buren, AR. Often dealing with and fostering “difficult” and “un-adoptable” pups  he began his journey in education on training and rehabilitation dogs. This included enrolling his own dog, Widdle, in a therapy dog training program where they became a registered therapy team and worked with the non-profit organization Bikers Against Child Abuse for several years. Marshall sought out any opportunity to expand his knowledge in order to help the dogs he was fostering, including his Lab mix foster fail, Dozer, who went from being an un-adoptable “aggressive/reactive” pup with a bite record to one of the most social goofballs you could meet. In fact, Marshall's dogs are a huge part of his training method and team. Before long, he decided to make a career change and began training dogs professionally 6 years ago. 

Marshall teaches Basic and Advanced Obedience, on leash and off, and works with dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes and temperaments. He believes that there is no such thing as a bad dog and doesn't believe that one size fits all when it comes to training techniques. One of his favorite things to do is helping fearful, reactive, and aggressive pups overcome their fears and anxieties through socialization and play. 

You can see the dogs Marshall trains and his own personal dogs on Instagram at @mhmdogs

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