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Meet Matt, Big Paws Academy's New Director of Training

We are thrilled to announce the hiring of Matt Newton, to lead the expansion of our dog training program at Big Paws Academy


Meet Matt Newton!

You might recognize that friendly face (and those beautiful dogs) if you've been to any of our Academy workshops or adoption events recently. Matt began working with Big Paws in 2020 by helping with a specific rescue dog who needed behavioral support. From there, our partnership grew and so did our dreams for expanding the training support Big Paws can offer our Northwest Arkansas community. Over the last 2 years we expanded the training support that our fosters receive, started doing dog behavioral assessments, and supported adopters through free training services. We couldn't do any of that without Matt and his passion for dogs.

Today we’re excited to announce that Matt is our new Director of Training! Big Paws will now directly offer dog training classes, packages, and consultations. We are excited because this means that affordable and accessible dog training will be available to all dogs in Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, and our entire NWA community.

Matt has been involved with dogs all his life. From growing up in a dog friendly household and breeding Labrador Retrievers to volunteering at a local shelter every weekend, dogs have always been a huge part of his life. Along with a deep love for dogs, came an understanding that well mannered dogs get more privileges, love, and fun experiences.

Since graduating college, Matt has been training dogs professionally for 8 years. He has dog training experience with common issues such as leash pulling, impulse control, puppy, overexcited greetings, and board & train. He also conducts more advanced dog training such as helping train dogs for Search & Rescue with documented recoveries, working to manage aggression, and everything in between.

Matt has a passion for helping dogs and their owners. He loves helping people strengthen their relationship with their dogs and learn how to enjoy life to the fullest as a team!

We are thrilled and feel quite lucky to be adding a guy like Matt to our team. Check out Big Paws Academy’s new training opportunities, follow @ozarkdogtrainer on social media, and email Matt ( if you have any questions!

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