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Potty Training 101

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Dogs can typically be potty trained within a few days of being in your house with the right level of consistency, patience, and rewards! The first questions to ask yourself are: Did your pup just wake up, play, eat, or drink? If the answer is yes, it's time to take your dog outside!

You will make potty trips most efficient if you take your dog out on a leash and stand calmly in the area you would prefer your dog to potty. As soon as your dog goes to the bathroom, you should immediately throw a party for your dog and praise them as much as they'd enjoy and in an ideal world, give them a High Value Reward (HVR). The better the rewards, the more likely your dog is to want to use the bathroom outside and therefore be potty trained quicker!
If your dog doesn't go to the bathroom outside, you should take your dog inside on a leash for a brief period of time (1-5 minutes) and continue the steps above until successful. Once your pup has used the restroom outside, you can bring your dog inside with confidence and let them have more freedom in the house with the knowledge that they won't need to go for a stretch of time that will be defined by their age.

Follow for more potty tips coming soon such as how to train a dog to use a bell!

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